Dominica 288 (Springfield)

5th Dec 1836 | 59 Enslaved | £1303 6s 7d

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Parliamentary Papers shows A.S. Laing receiving 'two-thirds' and Robarts & Kendall receiving 'one-third'.

T71/881: claim by Wm Blanc, executor and trustee of R. Reid. Counterclaim from Edward Kendall, of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, trustee of a marriage settlement of Wm Lindsay Darling and Anna rose (his wife), for 'the whole compensation money'. Counterclaim by John Pusey Wint and W.L. Darling, both of Boulogne sur mer, France, as trustees for the whole of the compensation. Counterclaim by A.S. Laing, of the Inner Temple, London, executor of his late father James Laing, execution on judgement in an action in the court of the colony for £1875 7s 6d.

T71/1609: letter, dated 08/12/1835, from Allan S. Laing, Inner Temple, stating: my counterclaim is not recorded, 'I had fully relied upon my Agent Mr Laidlaw, who is one of the Assistant commissioners in the Island'. Allan S. Laing is seeking consent for a late counterclaim, 'as the sum due is a large one.'

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