Barbados 4071B (Chimborazo)

12th Jun 1837 | 21 Enslaved | £473 16s 8d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 326.


The award was split: £470 went to Jas. King Went; £3 16s 8d went to Solomon B. Harper.


T71/899: claim by Solomon B. Harper, as the executor of Thos Bishop Harper. Counterclaim from Jas. King Went, of the Parish of St Geo, as the executor of George Thorpe, under a decree of chancery upon two judgements and executions, for £1412 3s 0 3/4d charged against 21 enslaved persons. The agent to Jas. King Went was John Glasgow Grant, of the Island of Barbados.


T71/1611: a petition to counterclaim from John Glasgow Grant, London Street, 28 Fitzroy Square, acting as the agent of persons residing in Barbados, including this claim and Barbados claim no. 258.

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