Jamaica Hanover 14 (Belvidere[?])

15th Aug 1836 | 203 Enslaved | £3558 14s 0d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 305.

Edw. Jeffreis Esdaile & another versus George Hibbert & others. The Esdailes claimed as 'absolute owners' (by an indenture of 1st July 1831) of the undermortgage (of 1st May 1823) for £150,000 and upwards and more than £20,000 due on the mortgage and securities held by them.

T71/1608: letter from Baxendale & Co. re. this claim. States that Mrs Susannah Hylton, of 18 Queen St., Bloomsbury, London, administratrix of her husband Richard Brissett Lawrence, wants to file a counterclaim as legatee of Elizabeth Reid, of Belvidere.

TS11/603 1971 18/6/1839 Chancery suit between Edward Jeffreis Esdaile and Henry Esdaile v George Hibbert, since deceased and others.  Thomas Reid of Belvidere estate indebted in 1796 to Thomas Hibbert, Edward Fuhr and George Hibbert, WI merchants.

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