Jamaica St James 5 (Hazelymph Estate)

16th Nov 1835 | 216 Enslaved | £4121 19s 0d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 70.

T71/873: claim from William Esdaile, Pascoe Grenfell, Rees Goring Thomas, Thomas Scott and John Athol Hammett, of St James and of the City of London, as mortgagees in possession. Counterclaim from Edw. Jeffries Esdaile and Henry Esdaile, of Great Britain, as mortgagees for upwards of £22,000 sterling, dated 01/07/1821. Counterclaim withdrawn.

Jamaica Almanac (1828): Hazelymph estate registered to George Reid and Robert Keniston [sic], with 295 enslaved persons.

T71/222: enslaved persons registered by Henry Hunter, as attorney to Roger Kynaston.

Times 07/08/1838 p. 7: suit over Sir James Esdaile & Co., especially over Rees Goring Thomas's capital. The partners were William Esdaile, Pascoe St Leger Grenfell, Thomas Scott, James Esdaile Hammett and John Athol Hammett. William Esdaile was the only 'monied partner'. William Esdaile transferred £20,000 to the name of Rees Goring Thomas, for him to commence business with. Thomas Scott is described as 'considered more as a clerk than as a partner'. The Bank collapsed in 1837. William Esdaile died in October 1837. Rees Goring Thomas later moved to Wales.

See also Westmoreland claim no. 686.

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St James
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Hazelymph Estate
Collected by
Winter, Robt. of RW and JWilliams

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