Pascoe St Leger Grenfell

5th Nov 1798 - 28th Mar 1879

Claimant or beneficiary


London banker, partner in Sir James Esdaile & Co., and awarded with his partners the compensation for the enslaved people on Hazelymph in St James. Eldest son of Pascoe Grenfell (1761-1838, the copper entrepreneur) and Hon Georgiana St Leger. The firm dominated copper smelting in the Swansea Valley from the 1820s-1890s, and Pascoe St Leger Grenfell became a prime mover in the firm's development from the 1840s onwards.

  1. In 1838 there was a suit over Sir James Esdaile & Co, especially Rees Goring Thomas's capital. The partners were William Esdaile, Pascoe St Leger Grenfell, Thomas Scott, James Esdaile Hammett and John Athol Hammett. William Esdaile was the only 'monied partner'. Willam Esdaile transferred £20,000 to the name of Rees Goring Thomas for him to commence business with. Scott was described as 'considered more as a clerk than as a partner.' The bank collapsed in 1837 and William Esdaile died in October 1837.

  2. Pascoe St Leger Grenfell, with three others including John Pickersgill (q.v.), had four votes in the British American Land Company in 1835, so had purchased at least 50 shares at £50 each.


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Further Information

(1) Catherine Anne Dupre (1824); Penelope Madan (1847)
With (1): Madelina (1826-1903), Pascoe du Pre (1828-1896), St Leger Murray (1830-1860), Arthur Riversdale (1831-1895), Gertrude (1834-1880), Elizabeth (1836-1894), Francis Wallace (Field Marshall Lord Grenfell, 1841-1925), Katherine, Eleanor
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Associated Claims (2)

£2,398 13s 5d
Unsuccessful claimant (Trustee)
£4,121 19s 0d
Awardee (Mortgagee-in-possession)

Legacies Summary

Commercial (8)

Railway Investment
[no name] [184665]  
Railway Investment
Railway Investment
Birkenhead, Manchester and Cheshire Junction [18458]  
Railway Investment
Liverpool and Bury (Bolton, Wigan and Liverpool and Bury Extension) [184598]  
Other partner
Railway Investment
London and York [1845119]  
Railway Investment
East and West India Docks and Birmingham Junction [1846122]  
Firm Investment
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Addresses (2)

27 Upper Thames Street, London, Middlesex, London, England
Maesteg House, Swansea, Glamorgan, South Wales, Wales