Jamaica St Ann 420 (Endeavour)

2nd Apr 1838 | 46 Enslaved | £929 7s 9d

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Not listed in Parliamentary Papers.

T71/857: claim by Catherine Russell, Great Britain, owner-in-fee. Numerous counterclaims, including Thomas Sibbald, Edinburgh, 'for advances to claimant £100'. 'Notice of Petition of Appeal having been filed' for Edward Stirling on 14/04/1838; Order of Privy Council dismissing appeal on 02/08/1838.

T71/1592 pp. 214 and 227: Mrs Catherine Russell, Morning Side, Edinburgh; and c/o of F.S Fraser Esq, RN.

T71/1594 pp. 180-181: letter dated 16/03/1838 to Catherine Russell, 2 Crichton St, Edinburgh, justifying delay in favour of counterclaimants, approved by Catherine Russell's agents Woodroofe & Lewin. Letter from F. Saumarez Fraser, 57 Albany Street, dated 28/05/1836: has certain claims against Thos Sibbald who in turn has claim of £100 sterling, acknowledged by  Russell. [Was F. Saumarez Fraser also the husband of Eliza Fraser of Morningside?]. Copy of letter from Russell dated 14/07/1835 to Thos Sibbald re his £100 debt: 'I beg to inform you I am entitled to the sum of £2370 as compensation for the emancipation of my slaves...therefore [I] hereby authorise you to lodge a counterclaim for your better security...I hereby promise not to throw any impediment in the way of your receiving the same.'

T71/1592 p. 227: letter from Court of Chancery to Thos Sibbald telling him it's not productive to pursue personal debt through the compensation process.

T71/1608: letters from W. Maconochie seeking to track down payment to F.S. Fraser or his wife (under St James claim no. 586 and Trelawny claim no. 210.

T71/1593 pp. 66-67: letter dated 18/01/1836 W. Sanderson of Edinburgh, active in tracking this claim.

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