Jamaica St Thomas-in-the-Vale 294 (Hyde Estate)

25th Oct 1836 | 147 Enslaved | £2660 0s 11d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 287.

Amalgamated with St Thomas-in-the-Vale claim no. 335.

Award split: £1263 17s 0d to Sir Wm Lewis & the two Thomas's on 25/10/1836; £421 5s 8d to Fitzgerald and his wife on 25/10/1836; £842 11s 4d to M.H. Scott on 25/10/1836; £33 6s 9d and £32 6s 9d to Emma and Thomas Scott Reignolds respectively on 20/3/1837 [and £66 13s 5d to Charles Rogers at same time, these three being an amendment for the amount originally adjudged to Richard Henry Cox, per T71/855.]

T71/1593 p. 308: letter dated 27/10/1836 to C.R. Fitzgerald, Home Office, stating the awards are ready, 'I am further directed to say that these awards have been made with as lttle delay as possible': not the slightest ground for complaint.

T71/1593 p. 376: letter dated 20/01/1837 to Chas Reynolds, Ryde, Isle of Wight [Hampshire] re this claim.

T71/1593 p. 395: letter dated 13/02/1837 to Mrs Reignolds, 32 Jermin St, St James, stating that the award to Mr Cox is being cancelled as he refuses to act, please have him return the certificate.

T71/855: original claim by a group of 7 led by Robert Louis Fitzgerald, including M.H. Scott, 'Proprietors'. Counterclaim by Sir William Lewis, George Thomas Bart. and Rear Admiral Robert Lewis Fitzgerald in right of their respective wives as joint legatees under the will of Richard Welch deceased for £4204 15s each. In fact Sir William Lewis George Thomas Bart was one man: the compensation records erred in treating him as two separate people.

T71/1592 pp. 132 and 155: letters dated 05/06/1835 and 26/05/1835 to Rear Adm Fitzgerald Bath re Hyde estate, Fitzgerald eager to file counterclaim.

T71/1606: letters from R.A. Fitzgerald, 26 Park Street re process etc.

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St Thomas-in-the-Vale
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Hyde Estate

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