Jamaica St James 664 (Macaw River)

29th May 1837 | 68 Enslaved | £1539 7s 9d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 306.

T71/873: claim from John Henry Deffell and William Alex. Weightman, of Great Britain, as trustees and executors of Samuel Wisdom Barrett; and from John Henry Deffell, of Great Britain, as trustee and executor of Wisdom Barrett.  

R.A. Barrett, The Barretts of Jamaica: The Family of Elizabeth Barrett Browning (Athlone, Continuum International Publishing Group, 2000) p. 75: shows Macaw River estate owned by Samuel Wisdom Barrett in 1826 (sourced to Jamaica Almanac). Ibid. p. 20 and p. 75: Samuel Wisdom Barrett was Wisdom Barrett's son. Wisdom Barrett (1729-1798) died in London; Samuel Wisdom Barrett died in 1827.

T71/1608: letter, dated 10/09/1835, from Bush & Master, St Mildred's court, notifying the Court of Chancery of the Chancery suit Barrett versus Deffell. States that Wisdom Barrett 'seems to have spent much of his time at his house in Mount St rather than at Spot Valley in st James Parish, and both of his wives were successively buried in England at St Giles in the Field'.

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St James
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Macaw River

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