Barbados 258A & B

14th Mar 1836 | 26 Enslaved | £605 17s 8d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 172.

258A: £81 11s 2d, for 5 enslaved persons, went to G. Beaumont Leslie Barclay.

258B: £524 6s 6d, for 21 enslaved persons, went to James King Went.

T71/895: claim from Rev. James King Went, of Thorpe Cottage, Barbadoes, as executor of George Thorpe, creditor under judgements dated 20/02/1817 and 03/07/1817, for £1412 3s 03/4d.

T71/553 p. 58: G. Beaumont Leslie Barclay registered 26 enslaved persons in 1834.

T71/1593 p. 93: letter, dated 03/02/1836, to J.G. Grant [John Glasgow Grant], 28 London St, Fitzroy Sq.,  agent of James King Went, on processes in valuation.

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258A & B

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