Nevis 37 (Zetland)

31st Oct 1836 | 81 Enslaved | £1225 10s 10d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 314.


The award was split: Fox & Neate received £1225 10s 10d; Ann Latham received £172 12s 0d.

T71/828: claim by Edw. Thos. Wolfe, owner-in-fee. Counterclaims by (1) Ann Latham & Chas. Latham, of Montague Square, London, as executrix and executor of a mortgagee in fee for £10,000 from 15/01/1802 (2) Millicent Mary Reeve, of (104) Gloucester Place, Portman Sq. (a widow); Catherine Fox, of Montague Place, Russell Square (spinster); Charlotte Neate, of Sloane Terrace (spinster), as mortgagees in fee by indentures of 15th and 16th April 1774, for principal and interest of £13657 19s 0d. 'Agreement between the counterclaimants received at the hearing 27 Oct 1836'.

This was the claim alluded to by Edward Lambert of Bath in T71/1610, dated 25/09/1834 and 20/10/1834, 'I am mortgagee for £7000, it has been in the family, whose representative I am on this reason, for nearly a century the annuity was at one time regularly paid, but for several years past not a shilling has been received so that I should think the arrears of interest may nearly amount to as much as the principal.' Lambert was a barrister in Bath, and trustee of the will of Mary Ann Norris [the daughter of William Norris, q.v.] proved 30/08/1834, PROB 11/1835/297.



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