Montserrat 55 (Farm Estate)

24th Jul 1837 | 200 Enslaved | £3333 13s 11d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 319.

The award was split: £1500 went to J.H. Forbes; £1833 13s 11d went to the group of 5.

T71/888: claim by Eliz. Kirwan, as executrix of Clement Kirwan, owner-in-fee. Counterclaim from Jane Kirwan, of no. 29 York Place, Brighton, Sussex, a widow, as relict and administratrix of Anthy Kirwan, a judgement creditor for £9613 6s debt and costs (see also Montserrat claim nos. 206 and 252). Counterclaim from Richd. Henry Dyett in right of his wife, a granddaughter of Judith, one of the daughters and co-heiresses of Thos. Meade. Counterclaim from Eleanor Dutoil, of George St., Colman, as owner-in-fee simple, being the heiress at law and surviving devisee of Thos. Mead, claiming the compensation money to be awarded for the enslaved persons from the above estate. Other counterclaims include: Isidore Lynch, of the City of Paris, as a legatee of £500 and 1/5th of the residue under the will of Bridget Meade; Ebenezer Fernie, of Cornhill, London; Charles Coles the younger, of Tower Street, London; Frederick Lock and Henley Smith, of Freemans Court, Tower Hill, London.

T71/888: shows transfer to Chancery (Kirwan versus Kirwan), then resolution.


See also Montserrat claim nos. 206, 252, 231 and 232, and Times 18/04/1839 p. 6, for accounts of Kirwan versus Kirwan.

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