St Vincent 645 (Spring Estate)

14th May 1838 | 79 Enslaved | £2003 14s 11d

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Not listed in Parliamentary Papers.


T71/892: claim by John, Robt and Gordon Thomson. Counterclaim by Wm Hepburn of 17 Belle Vue, Clifton, creditor (withdrawn);  the Gordons of Rousseau Domenica, annuitants; Harriet Gordon Hill as guardian of Henrietta J. Hill by will of Robert Gordon; Harriet Chapman of St James's St, Portsea, Southampton, Hampshire. Notice of assignment by Harriet Chapman for the benefit of Henrietta [= Harriet?] Gordon Hill of her annuity of £50.


See also St Vincent claim no. 635.


T71/1610: letters to Court of Chancery dated 12/01/1836 and 16/01/1836 from James Parker enquiring about payment to John Hill late of Brompton [London] but now in France, stating Hill was married to Harriet Hepburn, daughter of Wm Hepburn and niece of Col Gordon of Grove Estate.


T71/1622 (6): H.G. Hill had an annuity of £150 pa; also £500 under RG's will to Henrietta Mary Johnston Hill (called H.J. Hill in will), trustees to pay Harriet Gordon Hill, Harriet Chapman's assignee John Constable, the Gordons and then residue to Thomsons.


T71/500 p. 159: enslaved persons registered for John, Robt and Gordon Thomson in 1834 by John Reilly.

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St Vincent
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Spring Estate

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