St Vincent 689A-C (Industry)

5th Feb 1838 | 211 Enslaved | £5188 1s 10d

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Not listed in Parliamentary Papers.


T71/892: claim by Wm Dickinson owner-in-fee. Counterclaims from J.W. Borradaile and J. Edelman [assignees of Messrs Rucker, represented by Freshfields]; Catherine French (formerly Catherine Dickinson, see T71/1302) of Richmond Hill St Vincent (but cf claim no. 690 below); Eliza Tucker Dalzell (formerly E.T. Dickinson, see T71/1302), St Vincent. Award split: £2913 15s 0d to Catherine French on 05/02/1838; £1613 1s 1d  to Eliza Tucker Dalzell on 16/08/1841; £661 5s 9d to Geo. Hyde as trustee on 16/08/1841.


T71/500 p. 183: enslaved persons registered by Wm Dickinson for himself in 1834.


T71/1610: letter from R.W. Williams dated 21/03/1838 stating that, despite the appeal, please pay money as soon as possible to Catherine French: 'her attorney and merchant Mr Cruikshank... has advanced her several thousand pounds under the impression that this protracted Business would have been long ago settled.' French and Dalzell were legatees of [Eliza Tucker Dalzell's father] Robert Dickenson. Privy Council appeal by Eliza Tucker Dalzell against her original award of £346 16s.

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