Antigua 360 (Nibb's)

15th May 1837 | 135 Enslaved | £2063 10s 5d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 309.

T71/877: claim by G.S. Martin, executor of Sam. Martin. Counterclaim by several mortgagees, including Trecothick & Roper, of Queen Street Place, Southwark Bridge, London, whose security from Saml. Martin dated from 30/04/1828. Counterclaim by the Kelsos, as a group of Scottish mortgagees. The award is unclear.

T71/1622: includes the arbitration by the Commission, dated 15/05/1837. The enslaved persons were subject to: (a) payment of an annuity of £400 per annum to Elizabeth Martin, a widow, by indenture of 16/11/1816 between (1) Samuel Martin (deceased) (2) John Halliday Martin (deceased, the son of Sam. Martin) and Elizabeth Martin, then the wife of John Halliday Martin (3) Robt. and Archibald Kelso; (b) a mortgage of £5000, of 1828, between Sam. Martin, George Savage Martin (the son of Sam. Martin) and Francis Thwaites, James Trecothick junior and J.H. Roper; (c) a mortgage of £3000, of 1829, of Anna Maria Wightwick. James Trecothick, of London; the Kelsos, of the county of Ayr, Scotland; and Wm. Martin were trustees for Elizabeth Martin as first priority (and Elizabeth Martin could force the sale of capital for arrears). Then the residue goes to James Trecothick etc., then to Anna Maria Wightwick, then to George Savage Martin as claimant.

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