Antigua 261 (Watsons)

16th Nov 1840 | 40 Enslaved | £502 4s 11d

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Not listed in Parliamentary Papers.

T71/877: Claim by Francis Watson, owner-in-fee.

Counterclaims include John Jameson, City of Dublin, assignee of Robert and John Elliott Hyndman, bankrupts; Jane Roberts of Oakham, Rutland, widow and Sir Augustus Brydges Henniker of Thornham Suffolk, acting executors of James Watson Roberts, for a legacy to James Watson Roberts by the will of James Watson, £2700; John Cunningham of Antrim and John Cunningham the younger of Belfast.

T71/1609 [unnumbered bundle of letters]: letter from Jane W. Roberts of Oakham Rutland dated 24/04/1834: had seen in the Morning Herald a paragraph that 'the sums paid by Govt. as compensation to the owners of slaves would be appropriated to liquidating any debts or mortgages encumbering the Estate', she sets out her claim. Decree in Chancery in Antigua 1827 awarding late husband Dr J. W. Roberts the sum of £3276 5 currency, with interest payable from 12/11/1827 of which we have received about £72. Wants to claim as executrix of husband payment from Francis Watson. 'I trust from the benevolence of your Character, that you will assist my claim and pardon this interruption'.

T71/250: Francis Watson claimed for himself and heirs of Thomas Watson deceased.

T71/1294: 2/3rd was awarded to Francis Watson and 1/3rd to Warwick Pearson Hyndman, the assignee of John Jameson Esq. J.W. Roberts etc assigned counterclaim to Wm Jenkins, attorney for claimant Francis Watson.

T71/1027 identifies Francis Watson as resident, of St Philip.

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