Barbados 4948 (Farm)

6th Feb 1837 | 47 Enslaved | £1015 12s 8d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 327.

T71/899: claim by John Rycroft Best, attorney to [A.] P. Cumberbatch. Counterclaim from Abel Rous Dottin, of Argyll Street, London; John Pollard Mayers, of Brasted, Kent; Robert Chaloner and Henry Walker Yeoman, of Woodlands (near Whitby), Yorkshire, all of whom were trustees of a marriage settlement dated 10/04/1819 on the marriage of Abraham Parry Cumberbatch with Caroline Chaloner, whereby the estate etc. were assured to him for life with the remainder to all of his children (except his eldest son) by his previous and then intended marriages. Counterclaim also from Elizabeth Susannah Jones, of Manchester St, London (a widow); Joseph Esdaile, of Brompton, Middlesex; and Daniel Smith Bockett, of Lincolns Inn Fields, all of whom were trustees of said Elizabeth Susannah Jones under a deed of 18/07/1829 for securing to said Elizabeth Susannah Jones an annuity of £150 subject as therein mentioned.

30/01/1837: request from Daniel Smith Bockett, as trustee, that the stock to be awarded on the counterclaim be transferred into the names of Abel Rous Dottin etc. The same request was made by Abel Rous Dottin (the claimant).

See also Barbados claim no. 4612.

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