British Guiana 629 (Peter's Hall)

11th Feb 1836 | 188 Enslaved | £9256 18s 4d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 318.


T71/885: claim by James Taylor & J.L. Smith, as executors of Wm. Brereton esq.. Counterclaim from The Rt. Hon. Eric Lord Reay, for Transfer of £540.00 (Reay had accepted in 1829 the judgement claim of Thomas Mackenzie against William Brereton for 9000 guilders, to offset a debt from Mackenzie to Reay); Thomas Brereton, as executor for commission and legacies (filed wrongly under British Guiana claim no. 188; Brereton claimed commission for 13 years for each executor of £3900). Counterclaim from Hugh Duncan Baillie etc., as mortgagees.  


T71/1593 p. 174: letter, dated 18/04/1836, to Evan Baillie, stating: please hold the money, we've found a counterclaim from Thomas Brereton.


T71/1610: letter from Thomas Brereton, Boulogne, received 21/03/1836, stating he 'received a letter from Evan Baillie & Co saying they had been awarded the money, not be possible that they have received the compensation money in opposition to my counterclaim'.


T71/1610, 08/05/1834: details of the claim of Eleanor Brumskile (nee Brereton), of Bray, in the County of Dublin, on this estate, as the older daughter and administratrix of Wm. Brereton, who died intestate at Tullamore in this city: 'I am with the rest of my sisters left large legacies on the estates, one shilling of which we have not received.' Frederick Galbraith (married to Lydia Brereton) claimed 1/4 of the compensation, 05/03/1834.  


T71/1256: claim from the executors of Wm. Brereton junior, including Thomas Brereton and John Bent MP. Wm. Brereton junior left everything to his father Wm. Brereton, of Monteath [probably Mountrath], Ireland.



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British Guiana
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Peter's Hall

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