Eleanor Brumskile [?] (née Brereton)

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Of Bray, Co. Dublin: sought to intervene apparently unsuccessfully in the compensation for the enslaved people on Peter's Hall in British Guiana, as oldest daughter and administratrix of William Brereton 'who died intestate at Tullamore in this City.' She was the sister and legatee of William Breretn jun. (q.v.), the owner of Peter's Hall who had died c. 1822.


T71/1610 08/05/1834 for Eleanor Brumskile [?] of Bray in County of Dublin nee Brereton's claim on this estate, as older daughter and administratrix of Wm Brereton, who died intestate at Tullamore in this city, 'I am with the rest of my sisters left large legacies on the estates, one shilling of which we have not received.'

Eleanor Brumskile has not yet been further traced beyond her inclusion in her brother's will (and her married name might be mistranscribed). She does not appear (or at least has not been found) in the compendious family genealogy Brereton Families of Ireland: in search of my Irish ancestors by Faye Brereton-Goodwin, Canada, which shows William Brereton junior of Peter's Hall as dying in 1822, the son of William Brereton of Mountrath.

Thomas Brereton (q.v.) of Boulogne also claimed on this estate.

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£9,256 18s 4d
Unsuccessful claimant (Legatee)

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Sister → Brother

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Bray, Co. Dublin, Ireland