British Guiana 2369 (Elizabeth Anne)

12th Sep 1836 | 285 Enslaved | £15074 2s 10d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 319.

T71/887: the claimants John Croal etc. were the executors of Thomas Frankland. Counterclaim by The Hon. Hugh Lindsay, Alex. Trotter and Thos Gerard Ebrington (= Elrington), by right of 1st mortgage dated 08/09/1829 for £20,000, the transfer thereof dated 08/07/1834, £15074 2s 10d.

T71/432 p. 1277: enslaved persons were registered by T. Frankland in 1832.

T71/1259: replication by John Croal, Wm. Arindell and Wm. Edward Pierce, versus the counterclaim of Hon. Hugh Lindsay, of Berkely Sq.; Alexander Trotter, of Osnaburgh Sq.; and T. G. Ebrington (= Elrington), of Upper Seymour Street. Admitted a mortgage of 1829 by T. Frankland in favour of Harriet Elizabeth Gordon, the daughter of Robert Gordon (deceased) and wife of Adam Durnford Gordon, of  Cheltenham (Gloucestershire), for securing £20,000, being the balance due on the purchase of the estate. £11,449 15s 11d was outstanding. However, rejected the 10% commission, the mortgage was not in arrears. Classified by the admitted mortgage. Replication by John Croal etc., whereby the claimants 'reject so much of the counterclaim as hath been made for the Commission of 10 per cent on the whole amount due as charged by and claimed to be paid to the agent of the counterclaimants'. The counterclaims then limited claim to £1000 (it is unclear why this was so).

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British Guiana
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Elizabeth Anne

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