British Guiana 89 (Cotton Tree)

24th Oct 1836 | 234 Enslaved | £11766 10s 1d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 317.

T71/885: claim by Wolfert Katz. Counterclaim from 'The firm of Baring Bros & Co. by their attorney Wm Ross', for a mortgage of £81717 19s 0d. Counterclaim from Jan Adam Charbon, of Amsterdam, by Jacob Bernelot Moens [of Moens, Dauncy & Latham - PO Directory 1836], 117 Bishopsgate St., London, a merchant, as mortgagee by virtue of deed dated 07/02/1818 for £7503 4s 1d. Edward Briant and G. Gottlieb Lowenfield were executors of Wolfert Katz. Same counterclaim from Susan Barclay Katz (Wolfert Katz's widow) as in British Guiana claim no. 21.

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British Guiana
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Cotton Tree

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Beneficiary (Mortgagee)
Beneficiary (Mortgagee)
Beneficiary (Mortgagee)
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Beneficiary (Mortgagee)
Beneficiary (Mortgagee)
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Awardee (Executor or executrix)

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