British Guiana 376 (Port Mourant)

23rd Nov 1835 | 231 Enslaved | £12083 14s 9d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 119.


T71/1610: correspondence from Richard Atkinson, Kirkby Lonsdale, as mortgagee of 147 enslaved persons on this estate, who held power of attorney from Donald Ross.


T71/1592: letter from Commissioners of Compensation to Richard Atkinson, Kirkby Lonsdale, restating the situation: that Richard Atkinson had a loan secured on part of slaves, but that there was a dispute over which enslaved people. The Commissioners had been told that Donald Ross had admitted a certain amount due, and advised Atkinson to get Ross to repeat that to the Commissioners of Compensation whereupon the Commissioners could award Atkinson up to a certain amount.

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British Guiana
Claim No.
Port Mourant
Collected by
Crosthwaite, Jno.

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