British Guiana 479 (Vryheid)

24th Oct 1836 | 325 Enslaved | £17972 0s 4d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 318.

T71/885: claim by W. Katz. Counterclaim from Baring Bros; and from G.G. Lowenfeld, as attorney to George Katz, for a contract between W. Katz and George Katz containing an acknowledgement of a debt to George Katz of £751 11s 3d ('but see the contract which states £210 in addition').  

See also British Guiana claim no. 323 for George Gottlieb Lowenfeld acting as an attorney/ agent in the colony in 1834.

T71/1255: includes counterclaim from George Katz, late of this district (withdrawn); George Katz, of London, a surgeon. Also, an affidavit before A.J. Guitard, notary public.

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