John Daniel

Partnership Role

Thos. Daniel & Co.
Name partner

West India merchant

No notes

Firm Notes

  1. 1809 Thomas and John Daniel identified as merchants trading under the firm of Thomas Daniel & Sons in Bristol and Thomas Daniel & Co. In London.  

  2. 1840 and 1848 Thomas Daniel and John Daniel of Bristol, merchants and co-partners, carrying on business under the name or style of Thomas Daniel & Sons.

3.George Henry Chambers gave evidence on behalf of both the London and Bristol firms to the 1862 Parliamentary Select Committee on Sugar Duties. 

  1. The role of Thomas Daniel's son, Thomas Daniel (c. 1798-1872), in the firm is unknown.  He is identified as a merchant of Bristol after his death in the Chancery case Henry Arthur Daniel v Thomas Carew Daniel in 1875, and in his death-notice in The Colonist 22/05/1872 he was described as of the firm of Thomas Daniel & Sons Bristol and Thomas Daniel & Co. of London.

  2. The firm was the subject of Chancery proceedings in 1892.



Firm Sources

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