Adam Young

Partnership Role

William & Jacob Sims


No notes

Firm Notes

  1. Dissolution of partnership of G & A Young, Sims and Young, withdrawal of James Sims in 1817. 

  2. Call for the creditors of the late firms of Messrs George and Adam Young and Sims, Messrs George and Adam Young, Sims and Young and Messrs George, Adam and George Young in 1827 by trustees appointed by an indenture of 1821. The bankruptcy was still running in the 1850s when the last of the original trustees died. The firms were identified as of George Yard, Lombard Street (the same address as William and Jacob Sims) in a later announcement in 1854.

Firm Sources

  1. London Gazette 17319 3/1/1818 p. 21. 

  2. London Gazette 18366 1/6/1827 p. 1203; 21312 23/4/1852 p. 1165; 21522 17/2/1854 p. 493.