Andrew Johnston

Partnership Role

Walrond Ellis and Co.

West India merchant (Colonial - Caribbean)

No notes

Firm Notes

  1. Glasgow 5/11/1832: John Stewart Wood ceased on 1/10 last to be a partner of the concerns carried on by him and the other subscribers in Glasgow under the firm Ellis, Browne and Co., in Trinidad under the firm of Ellis, Johnston and Co., and in St Thomas under the firm of Browne, Gibson and Co.: James Ellis, Rob. Browne, John Stewart Wood, And. Johnston, John Watson (per And. Johnston), William Gibson per Rob. Browne.

  2. Expiry of co-partnership carried on by the subscribers under firm of Walrond, Ellis and Co., in Glasgow and Walrond Browne and Co., in Liverpool, by the expiry of their contract on the 1st day of October last, and the retirement of Robert Browne of Edgehill, Liverpool from the said concern; business to be continued as Walrond Ellis and Co., in Glasgow and Walrond, Johnston and Co., in Liverpool. Glasgow 1/1/1845 Theo. Walrond; James Ellis, And. Johnston.

  3. Co-partnership dissolved between Theo. Walrond, James Ellis, And. Johnston., C.S.Walrond (sole partners) as merchants in Glasgow as Walrond, Ellis and in Liverpool under Walrond, Johnstone: continued as WE in Glasgow and Walrond, Morrison and Co., in Liverpool (TW,CSW, Jno Morrison Jr., Clement Ellis).  Jno Morrison jnr ceased to be a partner in the business carried on in Glasgow by WE 1860.   

  4. Theo. Walrond and James Watson Dunlop of island of St Thomas ceased to be a partners 1/6/1862 in firm of WE here and Ellis Dunlop in St Thomas, carried on in both firms by Charles Sandberg Walrond, Clement Ellis and Francis Charles Walrond.

Firm Sources

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