George Hibbert


Art collection

George Hibbert sold approximately 10,000 etchings including 305 Rembrandts and 730 Rubens in 1809. Catalogue of a Superb Assemblage of Prints and Books of Prints, formed by George Hibbert, sold by auction under the direction of Mr. T. Phillipe, 1809.

In 1802 the joint art collection of George Hibbert and Sir Simon Horton Clarke were sold at Christie's. Christie's Auction Catalogue, 14th May 1802.

There were further sales of the George Hibbert collections in 1829, 1833, 1860, 1868 and 1902.

A Catalogue of The Library of George Hibbert, Esq. of Portland Place: which will be sold by Auction, On Monday, March 16, and Seventeen following Days; on Monday, May 4, and Eleven following days; and on Monday, May 25, and Eleven following Days, (Sundays excepted), 1829.

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