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  • SY - Association Start Year
  • EA - Earliest Known Association
  • ED - Association End Date
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  • LA - Latest Known Association
- 1854 [EY] → Owner
1854 [SY] - → Owner

In right of his wife, bequeathed by her guardian George Hewitt

- 1765 [EY] → Owner

Thomas Brewster has bought the estate c. 1762 or 1763 from Rowland Blackman (whose wife's property it was). Brewster had according to Blackman not paid the balance of the purchase price before he died in 1765.

- 1824 [LA] → Previous owner
- 1762 [EY] → Joint owner

In the will of Rowland Blackman of Bath proved 06/03/1781, Blackman said that he and his wife Priscilla 'about 1762 or 3 joined in the sale of my estate called Black Rock or Warren's plantation in Barbados, which was her estate or inheritance, to Tho. Breuster of Barbados Esq., since dead, for £13,700, to pay off the incumbrances of £4700, & I have received (apart from the £4700) £4000 only of the purchase money.'

1817 [EA] - 1823 [LA] → Owner
1826 [EA] - 1826 [LA] → Executor
1829 [EA] - 1829 [LA] → Trustee
1832 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Executor

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£3,806 3S 11D

Estate Information (6)

What is this?

[Number of enslaved people] 187(Tot)  
[Name] Warrens  

Return of Samuel Hinds, his own property.

T71/520 254-59
[Number of enslaved people] 188(Tot)  

Return of Samuel Hinds, his own property. Previously 202 enslaved.

T71/529 275-277
[Number of enslaved people] 164(Tot)  

Return of William Hinds (Executor), the property of the estate of the Hon. Samuel Hinds, deceased.

T71/534 274-5
[Number of enslaved people] 169(Tot)  

Return of William Hinds (Trustee), the property of the estate of the Hon. Samuel Hinds, deceased.

T71/540 280
[Number of enslaved people] 167(Tot)  
[Name] [No name given]  

Return of William Hinds, Executor, the property of the Estate of Hon. Samuel Hinds M.D., deceased.

T71/547 275-6
[Name] Warrens  
[Size] 316  

Listed in St Michael, property of Trotman.

Barbados 1913 list from the Hughes-Quere indexes transcribed at https://creolelinks.com/1913-barbados-plantation-owners-names.html.