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Counterclaimed on Tobago 38 (which showed him as of St Albans Place Regent Street) for which the compensation was awarded to Alexander Jopp (q.v.), Alexander Stronach and Henry Lumsden, who have since been identified as trustees to the creditors of 'John Morison of Auchintoul'. It is highly likely although not yet proven that the John Morison who counterclaimed was 'John Morison of Auchintoul', identified in the will of George Morison of Montagu Square (q.v.) as George Morison's brother. The John Morison who was MP for Banffshire 1827-32 (life dates c. 1757 - 12/02/1835) was given as 'John Morison of Auchintoul' on his re-election in May 1831. John Morison of St Albans Place also counterclaimed on Tobago nos. 21, 37 and 44, in all of which the compensation was paid into Chancery (in the suit of Morison v Morison).

  1. An 1844 announcement concerning the Banff and London Shipping Company characterises Jopp, Stronach and Lumsden as surviving trustees appointed by John Morison.


T71/891 Tobago claim no. 38 (Francklyn's Estate).

  1. London Gazette, Issue 20420, 03/12/1844, p. 5057; London Gazette, Issue 18806 24/05/1831 p 1004.


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£3,581 14s 7d
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£2,921 6s 0d
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£7,563 11s 6d
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£2,176 10s 3d
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Banffshire Banffshire
1827 - 1832

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St Albans Place, Regent Street, London, Middlesex, London, England