James Hewitt Massy-Dawson

13th Sep 1779 - 2nd Oct 1834

Claimant or beneficiary


Irish Tory MP and landowner, inherited a half-share in Prospect Pen and Pembroke Hall estates in St Mary, Jamaica, through his marriage to Eliza Jane Dennis. He was also the co-legatee in trust of his mother-in-law Mary Bourke Dennis (q.v.). He died in 1834; the compensation was claimed by his sister-in-law Maria Frances Pallmer (q.v.), his children Nicholas Pallmer Massy-Dawson (q.v.), Isabella Pallmer Massy-Dawson (q.v.), Capt. James Massy-Dawson (q.v.), Rev. John Massy-Dawson (q.v.) and his son-in-law Robert Montagu Poore (q.v.) and his grandson Robert Bolton Massy (q.v.).

  1. From a landowning Tipperary family. His father was the second son of Hugh Massy, 1st Baron Massy. His mother was Mary Dawson, the daughter and heiress of James Dawson of Ballynacourte.

  2. Massy, who became Massy Dawson in 1827, applied unsuccessfully for a baronetcy 1823-1825. His application was interesting because of his rebuttal of the charge that he was an Irish absentee landlord in Ireland: "I have been told I am considered an absentee which is a bar to my prospects ... in reply to which I wish briefly to inform you that being in Parliament I am obliged to have a house in London, but I assure you I spend nearly six months of every year in Ireland and I have ... never missed attending both assizes in my county town ... besides which I keep in my own hands a considerable part of my own property consisting of large woods, and employ many hands of the labouring classes."

  3. According to Fisher, there were 7 daughters, each of whom was left an annuity of £1,000 in a trust controlled by Eyre Coote, his son-in-law. He was succeeded in the family estates by his eldest son James (1802-37), an army officer.


T71/856 St Mary claim nos. 336 (Prospect Pen) and 387 (Pembroke Hall Estate).

  1. For family tree of Massy-Dawson see: Massy-Dawson family tree in FamilySearch

  2. http://www.historyofparliamentonline.org/volume/1820-1832/member/massy-james-1779-1834 [accessed 06/08/2012].

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Further Information

Eliza Jane Dennis
James(1802-1847), Francis Dennis (1803-1870), John (1806-), Anna Maria (1807-1865), Elizabeth R. (1808-1858), Isabella P. (1812-1860), Robert Bolton (1814-), Louisa S. (1815-1908), George Staunton King(1816-1897), Adelaide (1818-), Helena Frances (1819-)
Oxford (Exeter) [1796 ]
Politician and landowner

Associated Claims (2)

£3,601 8s 1d
Deceased awardee
£4,922 5s 6d
Deceased awardee

Associated Estates (2)

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11/03/1800 [SD] - 02/10/1834 [ED] → Joint owner
11/03/1800 [SD] - 02/10/1834 [ED] → Joint owner

Legacies Summary

Commercial (1)

Rock Reversionary and Loan Society
Financial services - credit  

Political (1)

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Clonmel Tipperary
1820 - 1830
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Limerick Limerick

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In his will Hugh Ingoldsby Massy described James Hewitt Massy-Dawson as his brother-in-law. The two men had married the Dennis sisters: Massy's widow remarried, to Charles Nicholas...

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Gloucester Place, London, Middlesex, London, England