Alexandrine Hughes

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Formerly enslaved woman on Grenada, manumitted by John Cumberland Hughes (q.v.) with whom she had several children.

  1. 'Alexandrine was a Slave of John Cumberland Hughes who manumitted her by Deed 249 dated 10 September 1793 which also freed two of his sons by her, John & William Hughes. Thereafter the couple never married but had four other children, George, Mary (who died young), Frances and another Mary (who survived infancy and died in 1867). John Cumberland Hughes later returned to England where he married Elizabeth Stanley, leaving Alexandrine and her children in Grenada with a house and in the care of his associate, Bridgman Hewitson.'


  1. Email contribution from Ashley Steele 21/07/2017.

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£533 4s 9d

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1817 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Owner

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Bridgeman Hewitson left 1/4th of his property in trust for Alexandrine...
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