James Glassen

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Owner of enslaved people in St Andrew, Grenada from at least 1826 - though listed in the town of St George in the slave compensation records.

  1. Planter of Grenada when he wrote his will in 1823 (proved in 1838).

  2. Catherine Eliza, daughter of the late James Glassen Esquire, formerly of the Island of Grenada, married Dr Colin Buchanan at St James's Westminster in 1838. Catherine Eliza died in Sydney, Australia, in 1887 "after much suffering."

  3. Jane Alicia Glassen married George Henry Rowley, son of Owsley Rowley. Their daughter Emily Jane married George Mony Johnson in Sydney in 1870. George Henry Rowley, Police Magistrate, died at his residence, Little Hartley, in Sydney 25/02/1872 age 62 years. Jane Alicia Rowley died in Sydney in 1905 in her 85th year.


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Catherine Eliza, Jane Alicia[?], Mary Anne, Amelia Margaret

PROB 11/1901/391 - precis.

James Glassen of the island of Grenada, planter.

All my estate real and personal to my dear wife Amelia Glassen for life. At her decease the same to my executors in trust for the use, benefit and support of my four daughters until they each attain the age of 21 years, then such property to be equally divided between my daughters Catherine Eliza Glassen, Jane Alicia[?] Glassen, Mary Anne Glassen and Amelia Margaret Glassen and any other children I may have born in nine months after my death.

Should my wife be desirous of changing or disposing of any such real property she firm attain the full sanction and consent of two of my executors provided th money arising be invested by her in such other property or in the funds as may appear advantageous to her and my said children.

My wife Amelia Glassen, Owsley Rowley, George Macewan[?], William Alexander Horne and John Mortimer of Grenada, Esquires to be executors.

Signed 11/05/1823.

Proved at London 04/10/1838.


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£519 9s 6d
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