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Jeanne Rose Philip was the daughter of Magdalene Philip, the sister of prominent Grenadian planter Judith Philip. Both Judith and her sister Magdalene inherited property from their father Honore - some of which passed to Jeanne Rose.

The father of Jeanne Rose was almost certainly the white British merchant and landowner Patrick Fotheringham. The free coloured woman Susannah Fotheringham who makes a brief appearance in the records in 1818 could well be her sister.

Following the death of her father in 1794 and her mother's decision to leave Grenada - possibly to be with her relatives on Trinidad - Jeanne Rose was given the NorthPoint estate on Petite Martinique as her own and given power of attorney over her mother's estate.

Jeanne Rose grew up surrounded by her seven uncles and aunts and their children who between them owned most of Petite Martinique by the end of the 18th century. The only indication to her married status is found in the slave registers for Carriacou where she is listed as “widow”. She appears to have lived quietly on her small estate for much of her life. Jeanne Rose is listed near to her aunt Judith in the compensation claims which could indicate a closeness between the two into the 1830s. Jeanne Rose signed documents with her mark so was probably illiterate.


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We are grateful to Kit Candlin for compiling this entry.

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Jeanne Rose Philip was the great-niece of Marie Magdalaine's husband Francois...
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