Rev. John Edward Tarleton

1784 - 16th Jan 1849

Claimant or beneficiary


  1. Son and trustee of Thomas Tarleton [(1753-1820, slave-trader and then landed gentleman, son of John (1718-73) and brother of John (1755-1841), Banastre and Clayton (1762-97)]. Matriculated Brasenose Oxford 19/11/1802 (where his father had matriculated 04/11/1771; John Edward's brother Thomas matriculated Oriel 17/05/1794; and his uncles Banastre and Clayton at University 1771 and Oriel 1779 respectively). Thomas Tarleton left personalty of £7000 on his death in 1820. John Edward Tarleton was a clergyman.  

  2. Rev. John Edward Tarleton DD Bachelor died 16/01/1849 Chelsfield Kent, effects under £600. Memorial inscription in the churchyard of Chelsfield, Kent: "Sacred / to the memory of / the Rev. / John Edward Tarleton / D.C.L. / fourteen years rector / of this parish / died 16th January 1849 / aged 65 years."

  3. Ordained 1808, Rector Chelsfield from 1834 onwards.

  4. John Tarleton (1755-1841), Rev. John Edward Tarleton's uncle, is in the ODNB as 'merchant and politician', and is described there as 'a leading West Indian and African trader' but his slaving voyages are detailed and their profitability briefly discussed. The ODNB entry notes the claim that John Tarleton (1755-1841) '"failed in business and went to Holland" but this has not been verified.' The compensation records for the Rabot estate on St Lucia certainly confirm that John Tarleton and Daniel Backhouse went bankrupt and had an assignee in bankruptcy appointed. The ODNB also notes that John Tarleton (1718-1773) 'a merchant' had left an estate worth £80,000.


T71/880 Grenada claim no. 998 (Mount Pleasant Estate).

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  2. National Probate Calendar 1872: grant of Administration 1872 to sole assignee, probate originally 1853, will unadministered by Thomas Clarke, a creditor; transcriptions of memorial inscriptions in Chelsfield, [accessed 17/09/2020].

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Further Information

Oxford (Brasenose) [1802- ]
Church of England

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£6,526 2s 0d

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Rectory House, Chelsfield, Kent, South-east England, England