Thomas Dehany Hall

???? - 1835

Claimant or beneficiary


Claimed as tenant-for-life for the compensation for the Worcester estate in St James Jamaica (for which the compensation was paid to Thomas Hall, q.v.), and for Round Hill in Hanover Jamaica (for which the compensation was paid to George Hall Lawrence) but subsequently died. A memorial to Catherine Hall and her husband Thomas Dehany Hall of Round Hill Jamaica can be seen in St Mary’s Church, Ashill, Somerset.

  1. Catherine Lysaght, daughter of John Lysaght, 2nd Baron Lisle, married Thomas Dehany Hall 04/05/1803 (her sister Elizabeth had previously married his brother James Hall). Catherine Hall died 07/05/1813 at the age of 27. The widow of Thomas Dehany Hall, identified as Jane Hall of 9 Elm Road, Wandsworth, counterclaimed under Hanover No. 1 for herself and her infant children.

  2. Will of Thomas Dehany Hall [now residing in the Devonshire Arms Inn in the town] of Portpatrick Wigtownshire [youngest son of William Hall formerly of Bath] [made in 1833] proved 21/12/1835. Under the will he left his Worcester and Round Hill estates in trust, with an annuity of £500 p.a. secured on Worcester to his wife Jane, under the power in a settlement by his father of 1803 to charge up to £1000 on the estate. If his son obstructed the annuity, then he left his wife the full £1000 he was empowered to leave. He felt his daughter by his first wife Catherine named Mary Ann Rogers £200, £2000 to his present wife Jane, and £14,000 among his three sons by his first wife and five children by his present wife. He left £1000 each to his natural children Henry Fisher and Sarah Fisher. He left Worcester and Round Hill to his son William Lisle Hall. In a codicil of 18/03/1835 made at Dover, he left £2000 to his son William Lisle Hall and £2000 to his son John Dehany Hall, and £500 each to his sons James Kirkpatrick, John and Thomas George Hall.

  3. In 1856 there was an advertisement for the creditors of Thomas Dehany Hall of the Downshire Arms Inn, in the town of Portpatrick in the county of Wigtown, and late of Wandsworth Road, Surrey who died on or about 01/05/1835, and reference to a cause between Ann Hall as plaintiff and George Hall Laurence [sic] as defendant. In 1864 the Worcester estate was subject to a Chancery suit of Lawrence versus the West India Relief Commission, which reported that Thomas Dehany Hall had taken an advance on a mortgage in 1834 of £6750 as part of the £300,000 funds made available after the 'late insurrection' in Jamaica to enable owners to restore cultivation. The estate had been subject to a trust-deed of 1800 to raise £20,000, to which Thomas Dehany Hall's life-interest was subject.

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T71/873 St James No. 155; T71/872 Hanover No. 1.

  1. Debrett's Peerage (1836) p. 541; T71/1212. No record of a second marriage of Thomas Dehany Hall has yet been found, but his will identifies his late wife as Catherine and his present wife as Jane.

  2. PROB 11/1855/117.

  3. London Gazette, Issue 21890, 06/06/1856, p. 2038; Report of Cases in Chancery, Vol. 34 pp. 234-5.

The Register of Hall Family Papers and Sugar Plantation Records, 1709 - 1892, with a wealth of information about the Hall family and the networks in which they operated, is available online at [accessed 24/03/2014].

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Further Information

(1) Catherine Lysaght (2) Jane
With (1), William Lisle; James Kirkpatrick; Mary Ann; John; Thomas George; With (2) Edward; Hugh Frederick; Ann; Jane Tamsin (?); Isabella Sophia

Associated Claims (2)

£4,050 7s 10d
Deceased claimant successful
£3,629 5s 8d
Deceased claimant unsuccessful

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Son → Father
Deceased Husband → Widow
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Portpatrick, Wigtownshire, Southern Scotland, Scotland