Samuel Dare

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Awarded shares in the compensation for the Ducketts Spring and Cambridge estates in St James Jamaica, which belonged to his wife's family. Probably the same man as Samuel Dare the trustee of Emily James under St Catherine Nos. 420 and 421.

  1. Marriage 30/05/1826 in St James of Samuel Dare and Josephine Catherine Bonella Scarlett (b. 27/09/1806), the daughter of Philip Anglin Scarlett (1768-1823) and Bonella Bowen (1773-1808, the daughter of Joseph Bowen and Sabrina Lawrence) and niece of Sir James Scarlett (later Lord Abinger).   

  2. Samuel Dare was one of two Solicitors to the Parish with William S. Grignon in St James 1824 and as an Attorney at Law in 1824 and 1839.

  3. Samuel Dare's widow Josephine Bonella Dare married Rev. Francis William Tremlett of Cambridge Terrace in February at St Johns Paddington 1849. Tremlett died 11/06/1913 at St Peter's Parsonage Belsize Park. He is identified by Amanda Foreman as the unofficial chaplain of the confederate Navy in Britain and the co-founder with Matthew Maury of the Society for Promoting the Cessation of Hostilities in America.  


 T71/873 St James Nos. 6 (Ducketts Spring, which belonged to his wife's paternal uncle and where Dare counterclaimed as the assignee of his wife's maternal grandparents) and 7 (Cambridge, where Dare counterclaimed in right of his wife and then jointly as annuitants).

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Associated Claims (2)

£2,790 15s 0d
£2,001 10s 6d

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1826 [SY] - 1834 [LA] → Annuitant
1834 [EA] - → Not known

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Husband → Wife
Assignee → Assignor
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Samuel Dare pursued the award for Duckett Spring as assignee of J.R. Bowen and his wife Sabina '£1000...1793' This had presumably been a legacy to the...

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London, London, England
66 Newman Street, London, Middlesex, London, England