Alexander Thomson

???? - 1818

Claimant or beneficiary


London and Jamaica merchant, partner and trustee of Alexander Donaldson (d. 1807, q.v.), and party to the Chancery cause of Thomson v Grant, concerning estates in Jamaica owned by Alexander Donaldson.

  1. Will of Alexander Thomson of [Somerset Street Portman Square... and late of Warwick Square and Old Brompton and Park Place] St Marylebone proved 28/11/1818. In the will he ruefully explains that whereas when he had first made a will in 1801 he held property including debts receivable that had since been realised for some £30,000, his fortunes had since been overtaken by his partnership with Alexander Donaldson, whose debts he had become jointly liable for under their partnership deed of 1805. He hoped that the liquidation of Donaldson's assets would offset the debts and on that assumption he left £10,000 each to his three sisters.

  2. Alexander Thomson had been a partner with Alexander Grant of Aberlour (q.v.) in a victualling contract for the navy at Jamaica in the' 'late war', according to the will of Alexander Grant proved in 1854: Alexander Grant claimed that the estate of Alexander Thomson owed him some £68,000 arising from this business and from Alexander Grant's advances to the firm of Donaldson and Thomson.


  1. PROB 11/1610/1450. The online catalogue of TNA erroneously gives him as of the East India Company, whereas he referred to this simply to explain his address in the books of the Bank of England and the East India Co. as a stockholder .

  2. Will of Alexander Grant of Westminster proved 12/06/1854, PROB 11/2193/143.

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