Robert Hayes Welch

1789 - 1848

Claimant or beneficiary


Awarded the compensation for Newhall and Hillside in St Thomas-in-the-Vale Jamaica, the former as executor of Richard Welch and the latter as owner-in-fee.

  1. Robert Haynes Welch, solicitor, age 40, was in the Queen's Bench Prison during the census of 1841. Robert Hayes Welch, of the Queen's Prison, Attorney at law, out of business, an insolvent debtor, was called to his bankruptcy hearing in July 1846. Robert Hayes Welch of Southwark Bridge Road aged 59 was buried at St John the Evangelist 30/04/1848.


T71/855 St Thomas-in-the-Vale nos. 300 (Newhall) and 305 (Hillside). His counterclaim in the former described him 'as owner in fee of 'Hillside' and as devisee residuary legatee and only surving executor of Richard Welch'. Letter 30/12/1835 from WRColles 12 Lower Ormond Quay Dublin judgement creditor in England of RHWelch.

  1. London Gazette, Issue 20619, p. 2485;, London, England, Deaths and Burials, 1813-1980 [database online].

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Associated Claims (2)

£619 14s 4d
£1,637 18s 8d

Relationships (2)

Nephew → Aunt
Son → Father
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Robert Hayes Welch asserted he was the only son of Richard Welch to the Commissioners of...

Addresses (2)

Belvidere Place, Southwark, London, Surrey, London, England
Queen's Bench Prison, Borough Road, Southwark, London, Surrey, London, England