Alison H. Dickson

6th Jan 1816 - 14th Jul 1859

Claimant or beneficiary


Alison H. Dickson (also known as Alice or Alyson Dickson; later Cochran) (6 January 1816-14 July 1859).

  1. Alison H. Dickson was the daughter of Mary Sarah Besly (q.v.) and reputed daughter of William Augustus Dickson (q.v.).

  2. At the age of 8, "Alyson H. Dickson," "Mustee," was living in Lucea, Hanover, with her grandmother, Dorothy McLeod, her uncles Joseph and George Besly, and her siblings, Joseph Besly Dickson, George Besly Dickson and John Besly Dickson.

  3. Alison H. Dickson inherited enslaved people from the estate of her mother, Mary Sarah Besly, between 1829 and 1832.

  4. Alison H. Dickson married Dr Charles Patterson Cochran probably in Hanover; they had eleven children. In 1842 she received a £100 bequest in the Will of her father, William Augustus Dickson. The family migrated to New York, USA between 1834 (when her daughter was born in the West Indies) and 1837 (when her son was born in New York). Alison H. Dickson died in 1859 in New York; Charles Cochran died in 1869.

We are grateful to David Barker for his assistance in compiling this entry.


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£77 17s 1d

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Sister → Brother
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