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  1. Wilhelmina Sarah Sutherland was one of two daughters of John Grant Sutherland (d. c. 1830) and his partner, Agnes Lobban. Agnes was the daughter of Joseph Lobban (died c. 1811), who owned up to 93 enslaved persons and 13 head of taxable stock at Buckfield, St. Thomas in the Vale. John Grant Sutherland, believed to be the brother of Adam Sutherland (d. 1821), was a small-scale planter, owning just one or two enslaved persons. In June 1817 he registered 38 male and 43 female slaves in his possession as executor, guardian and tenant in possession for James Lobban, but returned only single figures on his own account.

  2. Wilhelmina inherited one slave from her mother and shortly before 1832 purchased a female slave formerly owned by her father, John Grant Sutherland. A month after receiving her award, on 13 Nov 1835, she was married to James Garvey Callan (b. 1815 in Kingston, Jamaica).


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