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Probably the "good housekeeper" named in the will of Robert Fairweather (q.v.) and mother of his six reputed "quadroon" children.

  1. In 1829, Catherine Allen registered ownership of four enslaved people from 1826 and an additional enslaved man purchased from the estate of James Walker and enrolled in St Mary by Robert Fairweather in 1826.

  2. Will of Robert Fairweather planter of St Mary Middlesex [Jamaica] [made in 1827] proved 11/03/1844. After legacies of £50 each to four relatives in Scotland (brother George, sisters Elizabeth and Jean, cousin Margaret Fairweather in Arbroath), he left his residual estate to his six natural "quadroon" children (John, Robert, Ann, Alexander, Catherine and William) and their mother, his "good" housekeeper Catherine Allen.

  3. John, Robert and Ann Fairweather were baptised in St Mary, 10/04/1811. Alexander, William and Catherine Fairweather, "free quadroon children", baptised in St Ann, 18/08/1819. Alexander is probably the Alexander Fairweather referred to in the will of William Heslop (q.v.) who married Heslop's "reputed" daughter Eleanor.


PROB 11/1994/362.

  1. T71/37 [unpaginated]. Signed by Catherine Allen by mark, witness Vincent Hart.

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  3., Jamaica Church of England Parish Register Transcripts, 1664-1880 [database online]; PROB 11/1994/362.

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