Catherine Reay (née Henly)

No Dates

Claimant or beneficiary


Awarded the compensation for the Mango Valley estate in St Mary Jamaica.


T71/856 St Mary nos. 323, 324 and 325. Letter/Petition T71/1606 30/11/1835 from Thomas Henl[e]y of No. 3 New City Chambers Mariner: Joseph Reay, late guardian, died Nov 1834 'having destroyed himself', Thomas Henly was 22 years old 28th February last, entitled to compensation. Catherine Reay = Thomas Henly's sister and Joseph Reay's wife. 32 slaves registered without allocating them between Thomas Henly and Catherine Reay: More than 20 were Thomas Henly's property, 'and they are of a description quite as valuable as his sister's'; 'his perfect conviction that his sister if on the spot would offer no oppostion to the prayer of his petition', viz that he should get half comp money now, other half held over; has had no benefit from labour of negroes which has been 'appropriated to the entire use and benefit of his said guardian.' Thomas Henly's agent was John Burton of New City Chambers.

Further Information

Maiden Name
Joseph Reay

Associated Claims (3)

£926 8s 7d
Awardee (Executor or executrix)
£614 9s 1d
£39 8s 5d

Associated Estates (1)

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1832 [EA] - 1839 [LA] → Joint owner

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Wife → Husband