Rev. Thomas Scott

1780 - 1835

Claimant or beneficiary


British clergyman, Rector of Wappenham, who counterclaimed unsuccessfully as sole representative of Elizabeth Gilbert, legatee of £1800 under the will of Nathaniel Gilbert, for the compensation for the enslaved people on Gilbert's and Mercer's Creek in Antigua for which the compensation was paid to Nathaniel Gilbert the younger (q.v.)

  1. The Rev. Thomas Scott (1780-1835) and his son also Rev. Thomas Scott were successively the Rectors of Wappenham. The counterclaimant was almost certainly Rev. Thomas Scott (1780-1835) but was conceivably the son. The Rev. Thomas Scott (1780-1835) appears in the ODNB entry for his father, also Thomas Scott.

  2. The architect Sir George Gilbert Scott (1811-1878) was the third son of Rev. Thomas Scott (1780-1835) and Euphemia Lynch (1783-1853), 'the only daughter of Dr Lynch of Antigua and connected with the Gilberts, a family of West Indian planters.' 'In his Personal and Professional Recollections, Scott was concerned to emphasize that his mother was "well-born, of a good family" and "related to persons of good position", which somewhat undermined his intention to demonstrate how far he had risen from humble origins to professional success.' Scott also makes reference to his 'aunt Gilbert', who had once been kissed by John Wesley.

  3. Genealogical and local history sites give Euphemia Lynch's mother as Euphemia Lynch nee Gilbert (1755-1835), the daughter of Nathaniel Gilbert (1736-1774) and Elizabeth Lavington (d. 1777). Elizabeth Gilbert (1758-1832), for whom Rev. Thomas Scott claimed, would therefore have been almost certainly his wife's aunt. The awardee Nathaniel Gilbert the younger (1787-1850) (q.v.), son of Nathaniel Gilbert of Bledlow (q.v.) who died 1807, was probably her nephew.


T71/877 Antigua no. 131.

  1. The younger Thomas Scott is CCEd Person ID 21450; ODNB online, Arthur Pollard, 'Scott, Thomas (1747-1821), Church of England cleryman and biblical scholar', Also including John Scott (1777-1834); Thomas Scott (1780-1835), Benjamin Scott (1788-1830).

  2. ODNB online, Gavin Stamp, 'Scott, Sir George Gilbert (1811-1878), architect.. There are also ODNB entries for Sir George Gilbert Scott's sons Dukinfield Henry Scott (1854-1934), professor of botany at University of London, and George Gilbert Scott (1839-1897), again an architect: in turn the sons of George Gilbert Scott (1839-1897), Sir Giles Gilbert Scott (1880-1960) and Adrian Gilbert Scott (1882-1963) have entries as architects.

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Rev. Thomas Scott (d. 1835) was married to Euphemia nee Lynch, the daughter of Elizabeth Gilbert's sister...

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