Sir Joseph William Trutch

1826 - 1904


Canadian businessman and politician Sir Joseph William Trutch (1826-1904), a central figure in British Columbia described as 'a particular colonial type' with an absentee mentality who had as a boy lived both in Jamaica and in Devon, presumably with Hannah Barnes (q.v.), at the time of compensation and who at the end of his career retired to England and died there in 1904.


Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online, Robin Fisher 'Trutch, Sir Joseph William, engineer, surveyor, politician and office holder' [accessed 14/04/2011].

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£157 8s 0d
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Imperial (3)

Member of Assembly
Canada: British Columbia including Vancouver Island 
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works
Canada: British Columbia including Vancouver Island 
Canada: British Columbia including Vancouver Island 

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Alexandra Suspension Bridge [Built] 

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Grandson → Grandfather
Notes →
Joseph Barnes's only daughter Charlotte Hannah Barnes married William Trutch in Jamaica c. 1822. Born in 1826 Sir Joseph William Trutch was the son of William and...
Great-nephew → Great-uncle
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Sir Joseph William Trutch's mother Charlotte Hannah was a beneficiary under the will of her [Charlotte's] uncle Thomas Barnes, inheriting 1/8th of his residual...

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Fairfield House, Victoria, British Colombia, Canada