Henry Dyett of the City of London

13th Sep 1782 - 16th Dec 1832


Partner until 1815 with his cousin Henry Iles Underwood (q.v.), and father of Henry Underwood Dyett (q.v.); the Henry Dyett for whom Henry Underwood Dyett counterclaimed compensation as his executor and heir-at-law was probably this man's father and Henry Underwood Dyett's grandfather, a merchant in London (Henry Dyett of Montserrat, q.v., whose will had been proved in 1804), since this man's will is silent on any property in the Caribbean. Henry Dyett of the City of London was bankrupt by 1827.

  1. According to a transcription of entries in a family Bible and printed in Caribbeana in 1915, Henry Dyett was born in Montserrat 13/09/1782 and married Harriet Ross in 1807; she died in Canada in 1832 of cholera and Henry Dyett died there too on 16/12/1832. This Henry Dyett was the son of Henry Dyett and Elinor Jeffries, and brother of Sarah Sophia Furlonge née Dyett who was born in Montserrat in September 1785. The will of Henry Dyett gentleman of Guelph District of Gore Canada was proved 06/06/1835. The will explains that he has little to leave, and that his sons Henry Underwood Dyett and Malcolm Richard Dyett and daughter Harriet Maria were omitted from his legatees because they had been left 'like property' under the will of Henry Underwood [i.e. Henry Iles Underwood].

  2. Henry Underwood Dyett, son of Henry and Harriet Maria Dyett, was born 30/07/1809 and baptised in Old Church, St Pancras, London, on 09/05/1812, at the same time as his sister Harriet Maria Dyett who was born 05/05/1811.

  3. Bugby Hole, the estate for which Henry Underwood Dyett makes another claim for compensation, was conveyed to his grandfather Henry Dyett of Montserrat (husband of Elinor Jeffries) by Thomas Oliver of London in 1796.


T71/888 Montserrat claim no. 102 (Duberys Estate); London Gazette, 17089 09/12/1815 p. 2455; London Gazette, 18422 11/12/1827 p. 2541.

  1. Copies of entries in the family Bible in the possession of Colonel Abbott of Eastbourne, Sussex, England, first printed in Caribbeana in October 1915 and available at http://ia600409.us.archive.org/5/items/dyettofmontserra00lond/dyettofmontserra00lond.pdf [accessed 27/03/2012]. The will of Henry Dyett senior (husband of Elinor Jeffries) is transcribed online at the same source; PROB 11/1848/18.

  2. Ancestry.com, London, England, Births, Marriages and Deaths 1738-1812 [database online].

  3. Claim roll transcript in Caribbeana in October 1915 and available at [accessed 27/03/2012] p. 5.

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Harriet Maria
Henry Underwood (1809-), Harriet Maria (1811-)

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£970 0s 8d
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1824 [EA] - 1824 [LA] → Mortgagee-in-Possession

Mortgagee-in-possession of 100 enslaved people

1826 [EA] - 1826 [LA] → Joint owner

Tentatively inferred to be this man, Henry Dyett of City of London.

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Underwood, Dyett
West India merchant  

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Canada: British Columbia including Vancouver Island 
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Henry Dyett died in British Columbia, Canada, in 1832. No further details of his activities in Canada are...
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Copies of entries in the family Bible in the possession of Colonel Abbott of Eastbourne, Sussex, England, first printed in Caribbeana in October 1915 and available at <a...

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