Elizabeth Christian Hyndman (née Beckles)

???? - 1834

Claimant or beneficiary


Daughter of John Alleyne and sister of John Alleyne Beckles (both q.v.) of Barbados, Elizabeth Christian Beckles married Robert Augustus Hyndman, a wealthy slave-owner who died in Demerara and with whom she had two children, John Beckles Hyndman and Catherine Elizabeth Hyndman (each of whom also q.v.). In a statement from John Beckles Hyndman dated 21/11/1835, he affirmed that on 09/09/1834 Elizabeth Christian Hyndman died, leaving a will but no executors; the estate was left to her children John Beckles Hyndeman and Catherine Elizabeth Hyndman. Catherine Elizabeth Hyndman died on 16/06/1835 and John Beckles Hyndeman got letters of administration.

  1. Baptism of an Elizabeth Christian Beckles, to John and Elizabeth, Marylebone, 04/11/1776. However, genealogical sources show Elizabeth Christian Beckles who married Robert Augustus Hyndman as born 21/02/1781 and baptised in Barbados. Consistent with this second source, the burial record for Elizabeth Christian Hyndman gives her age at death as 53 in 1834. It is possible that the earlier baptism was of a child who died.

  2. Administration of the will of Elizabeth Christian Hyndman was granted 24/07/1835. In the will, she left her estate to be equally divided between her two children after numerous monetary legacies, the most material being provision of £300 p.a. for her 'dear adopted son Charles R. Hyndman' until he could provide for his family, and £800 p.a. to his widow and £50 to each of his children (£200 p.a. from the age of 8 if there were only boys but £100 p.a. each to boy and £50 each if girls if there were more children) if he died before he could make provision for them.


T71/895 Barbados claim no. 3. T71/1256: statement, dated 21/11/1835.

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  2. PROB 111849/279.

Further Information

Maiden Name
Robert Augustus Hyndman
John Beckles Hyndman; Catherine Elizabeth

Associated Claims (2)

£135 18s 9d
£24,157 6s 1d
Beneficiary deceased

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Gloucester Lodge, Old Brompton, London, Middlesex, London, England