John Phillips Beavan

1798 - 1886

Claimant or beneficiary


London solicitor, brother of Thomas Drew Beavan (q.v., a trustee on an award in Jamaica) counterclaimed apparently unsuccessfully for the compensation for the enslaved people on Bachelor's Adventure in British Guiana under a mortgage, possibly as agent of Thomas Hopkinson (q.v.), and signed at the NDO for the compensation awarded to Joseph Hopkinson for the enslaved people on Clonbrock, again in British Guiana.

  1. 'Mr Beavan of Sackville Street' is identified as the solicitor of Thomas Hopkinson in a suit within the Hopkinson family in the 1830s.


T71/885 British Guiana no. 568A & B (which identifies him as of Sackville Street); British Guiana no. 577.

  1. London Gazette 18910 04/03/1832 p. 480.

Further Information

Wealth at death
£11,658 2S 1D

Associated Claims (1)

£36,270 18s 2d
Unsuccessful claimant (Mortgagee)

Relationships (1)


Addresses (1)

Sackville Street, London, Middlesex, London, England