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The heirs of Milliken Craig and John Craig counterclaimed for the compensation for the enslaved people on Vrouw Anna and Nismes plantations in British Guiana.

  1. John Craig of Gloucester Place was the heir at law of Milliken Craig (who died c. 1820). By 1837 (and probably earlier) John Craig himself was dead.


T71/885 British Guiana no. 662 and T71/887 British Guiana no. 2398B.

  1. London Gazette 17764 13/11/1821 p. 2240; will of Milliken Craig of Demerary proved 29/12/1820 PROB 11/1637/63. London Gazette 19562 24/11/1837 p.3100 shows John Craig deceased.

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£14,904 0s 5d
Beneficiary deceased (Heir-at-law)
£8,748 19s 3d
Beneficiary deceased (Heir-at-law)

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Gloucester Place, London, Middlesex, London, England