Dr. Henry Evans Holder III

18th Mar 1780 - 18th Feb 1817


It appears that Dr Henry Evans Holder was the son of the Rev. Henry Evans Holder (q.v. Henry Evans Holder II) and Rebecca Holder. Holder was a Doctor of Physic.

  1. Henry Evans Holder III married Williamina Bishop, 24 May 1802 in St Lucy, Barbados. Their children were: Caddell, Frederic, Edward, Ashley, Charles, Coulthrust and Maria Carrington. The executor of 'Hon. Henry Evans Holder' (Philip Caddell) claimed unsuccessfully for the compensation on Joes River in Barbados under an indenture of conveyance for £2000. The Holder Family records in the Bristol Record Office details the sale of Joe's River by Henry Evans Holder, formerly of Barbados but residing in Edinburgh before his death.

  2. There is a plaque to Henry Evans Holder [III] in the floor of Durham Cathedral: 'Sacred to the Memory of HENRY EVANS HOLDER. M.D. of the Island of Barbados who departed this life February 22nd 1817 Aged 36 Years.'

  3. Death "at Durham, Henry Evans Holder, M. D. one of the physicians of the Durham Infirmary and recently an inhabitant of this city. Dr. Holder resided several years in the island of Barbadoes, where he possessed and successfully cultivated an estate of considerable value. To the occupation which this pursuit afforded to his active & intelligent mind, he added the severer labours arising from the practice of medicine and surgery, in which equally and greatly excelled. Dr. Holder graduated at Edinburgh in the summer of 1816, and displayed in his Thesis upon that occasion talents for exact and practical observation of a very superior kind. The death of a medical man so gifted is always a public loss; and in the event we now record, whilst his afflicted widow, with five small children, mourns a loss which to them can never he repaired; the circle in which moved will have cause to lament the too early removal of an accomplished physician and a virtuous man."

  4. Robarts William Elton Esquire of the H.E.I. Company's 18th Regiment married Ashley, eldest daughter of Henry Evans Holder Esquire MD deceased formerly of the island of Barbados.


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Further Information

Williamina Bishop
1 daughter, 6 sons

Will of Henry Evans Holder, formerly of Barbados, currently residing in Scotland.
Has lately sold Joe’s River, sugar works plantation in Barbados and all other property in the island so that all his property now personal, consisting of money and other securities in Barbados and elsewhere.
Previous to his marriage to Williamina he made a settlement on her of £130 Barbados currency per annum in the Joe’s River plantation which she relinquished in order that he could sell the plantation. In place of that settlement he devised and bequeathed to her an annuity of £250 p.a. (GB sterling) (to last so long as she remained alive and his widow). To each of his living sons he gave £5,000 (sterling) to be paid without interest to each on becoming 21. Eldest son (Caddell Holder) to also receive the residuum of the estate. To the daughters he gave £3,000 (sterling) to be paid without interest to each on becoming 21. The children also to be provided for until they reach 21 (of no more than £150 p.a. to be administered by any Guardian or Guardians). Also gave to Mrs Mary Holder, widow of John Alleyne Evans Holder, formerly of Barbados, an annuity of £20 sterling p.a. The rest of the estate (‘residue and remainder’) given to Caddell Holder, the eldest son, and his heirs, administrators, executors and assignees. Williamina made the Guardian over the persons and estates of their children during their minorities and while she remained his widow.
His friends, Philip Caddell and John Hothersall Pinder of Barbados and Gibbes Walker Jordan of the City of London appointed Executors and Guardians over the persons and estates of the children during their minorities.
Will dated 30 January 1816; proved, London, 27 February 1818.

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£5,705 8s 4d
Previous owner (not making a claim)

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