George Fraser

???? - 1837

Claimant or beneficiary


George Fraser of New City Chambers, London, counterclaimed for Mill Hill estate in Antigua as mortgagee under a deed dated 18/03/1834 for £4000 but later withdrew the claim. Despite his appearance in the compensation records as mortgagee, and earlier as consignee and mortgagee of the Mount William estate in St Vincent and possibly as consignee of James Fraser of Gorthleck, he was probably primarily an East India rather than West India merchant.

  1. Will of George Fraser merchant of [Campden Hill] Kensington [and of New City Chambers in the City of London] proved 28/11/1837. A number of his specific bequests had East India Co. connections. His residuary legatee was his nephew William James Fraser. He left an estate totalling £120,000.


T71/877 Antigua claim no. 281 (Mill Hill).

  1. PROB 11/1886/258; W.D. Rubinstein, Who were the rich? Vol. I 1809-1839 had a bare entry for him with no details of parentage or business, but in the second edition Vol. 2 (1825-1839) (2018) there is a little more background, with connections to the East Indies apparently confirmed, although nothing further appears on his parentage.

Further Information

Married but no further details
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£2,301 15s 3d
Unsuccessful claimant (consensual) (Mortgagee)

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1794 [EA] - 1799 [LA] → Mortgage Holder

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Inferred relationship. James Fraser of Gorthleck was a debtor of George Fraser of the City of...

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New City Chambers, City of London, Middlesex, London, England