Thomas Inigo Wickham Freeman

1795 - 9th Jun 1884

Claimant or beneficiary


Thomas Inigo Wickham Freeman, son of Thomas Freeman, owner of Upper Freeman's estate in Antigua.

  1. According to Antigua and the Antiguans (published in 1844), Arthur Freeman of Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London, and of Antigua, married Dorothy, widow of George Symes Esq. Of Antigua – through this marriage Freeman’s estate in Antigua came into the family. They had a son, Thomas, who married Rebecca, daughter of Col. William Byam, who had two sons, Thomas and Arthur. Thomas married Anne, daughter and co-heir of Col. John Wickham of Antigua – through this marriage Wickham’s estate in Antigua came into the family. Thomas and Anne had two sons, the eldest of whom, Thomas, was Speaker of the House of Assembly in Antigua in 1790, married Christiana, daughter of Francis Ffry [or Frye] of Bermudian Valley, Antigua, and was the father of Thomas Inigo Wickham Freeman. This same source states that Thomas Inigo Wickham Freeman was in the 1840s owner of Wickham’s estate in Antigua and that Freeman’s estate was owned by Inigo Freeman Thomas, son of Thomas Freeman and Rebecca Byam’s eldest son Arthur Freeman and therefore Thomas Inigo Wickham Freeman’s first cousin once removed.

  2. According to Vere Langford Oliver, Thomas Freeman, the husband of Anne Wickham and grandfather of Thomas Inigo Wickham Freeman, changed the name of Wickhams to Upper Freemans sometime before 1785. Returns were made in the 1817 and 1821 Slave Registers by Samuel Warner for an unnamed estate on behalf of Thomas I.W. Freeman and then between 1824 and 1832 by Charles Kerr Dow, attorney for Thomas Inigo Wickham Freeman for 'Freeman's'. Oliver gives a death date of 1794 for Thomas Freeman,the father of Thomas Inigo Wickham Freeman and a death-date of 1808 for his mother Christiana.

  3. In 1845, Captain T.W. Freeman of Esher Surrey was on the Provisional Committee of the Antigua Railway Co.

  4. In 1881, Wickham Freeman age 86, unmarried, "Lieut. Col.", born in Bath, Somerset, was living at 3 Johnston Street, Bath, with 2 female servants. His death was registered Q2 1884 in Bath age 89. He was of 3 Johnston Street, Bath, when he died 09/06/1885. His will was proved 04/07/1884 by his executor William Alexander Mackinnon of 4 Hyde Park Place, effects £13,982 6s 5d.

  5. On 11/07/1884, the solicitors Bowyer, Foyer and Hornden issued a call for creditors of Thomas Inigo Wickham Freeman who died on or around 09/06/1884 on behalf of his executor William Alexander Mackinnon.


T71/877 Antigua claim no. 310 ((Upper Freeman's St Peter).

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Further Information

Wealth at death
£13,982 6S 5D

Associated Claims (1)

£2,728 15s 9d
Unsuccessful claimant

Associated Estates (2)

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1794 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Owner
1817 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Owner

Probably inherited as an infant under the entail of his maternal great-grandfather Col. John Wickham at the death of his own father in 1795 or at the death of his maternal grandmother Ann Freeman in 1797.

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Grandson → Grandmother

Addresses (2)

Bath, Somerset, South-west England, England
3 Johnstone Street, Bath, Somerset, South-west England, England